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Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Ali Reviews: Top-rated review app for e-commerce. Automated review requests, customizable widgets, product review management, import/export, review analytics, moderation, multilingual support, media reviews, SEO optimization, review reminders.

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Adjust: Attribution, analytics, fraud prevention, CTV AdVision, Audience Builder. Optimize campaigns, track user journeys, prevent fraud, and automate tasks. Dynamic user segments, and unlimited raw data access for insightful, cost-effective marketing.

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Afterpay: Finance app enabling interest-free installments. Boost sales, acquire customers effortlessly. In-store & online payments. Enhance loyalty, customize emails, ensure security with encryption and two-factor authentication.

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Algolia Logo

Algolia Search and Discovery

Algolia NeuralSearch uses AI to understand user intent and deliver accurate search results, even for complex queries. Features include natural language understanding, real-time query suggestions, neural hashing, adaptive learning, and global scalability.

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Apple pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay: Digital wallet & mobile payment by Apple. Store card info for fast payments. Reach 1B+ active iPhones, offer seamless checkout, boost conversions, increase purchase frequency. No extra fees, easy integration, privacy, and security.

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AppsFlyer: Measurement, analytics, engagement, and fraud protection tools. Accurate install & engagement data. Optimize ad spend, unified analytics. Personalized journeys, audience targeting. Comprehensive fraud protection, raw data access.

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Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing

Attentive: Power sales with text message marketing. Personalize messages, grow subscriber lists, target audience with data, ensure compliance, and track campaign performance for optimal ROI. Elevate revenue through effective, compliant SMS marketing.

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Zooomy Logo

Back in‑stock Restock Alert ZA

Back In Stock Restock app by Zooomy for Shopify. Allow customers to sign up for email alerts when products are back in stock. Seamless integration with Shopify themes and variants, automatic emails, admin notifications, and customization options

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Blaash Video Commerce Platform Automated content generation, engaging video features, Web Stories, Shoppable Videos, Live Commerce. Increase sales, boost conversion rate, engage app visitors, unmatched site speed performance, AI-powered content generation.

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Grow Simplee Logo

Blitz (Previously Grow Simplee)

GrowSimplee: Innovative logistics solution for fast, efficient deliveries. Boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize inventory placement. Real-time tracking, multi-platform integration.

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Boost search

Boost AI Search & Filter

Boost: Tailored ecommerce search solution. Advanced functionality - typo tolerance, synonyms, filters. Personalized results enhance shopping. Customizable design. Gain insights with analytics, optimize search experience, and elevate conversions.

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CleverTap: Cloud-based retention platform for personalized touchpoints. Real-time analytics, user segmentation, omnichannel engagement. All-in-one solution for analytics, segmentation, and messaging. TesseractDBTM for performance.

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ClickPost Returns Plus

ClickPost: Pre-integrated carriers, real-time tracking, performance monitoring. Data-driven selection, unified tracking. Resolve delays, reduce exceptions, optimize returns. Integrated tracking cuts calls by 70%, enhancing customer experience.

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Contlo: AI native marketing platform. Leverage own AI model for end-to-end optimization. Personalized email, conversational messaging, generative AI content. Automate journeys across channels. Performance insights, audience management.

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Facebook Logo


The Facebook integration provides tools for enhanced customer engagement across Meta's platforms. Analyze interactions, improve ROI, and run effective social ad campaigns

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Fast Simon Logo

Fast Simon Search and Filters

Fast Simon: AI-powered ecommerce optimization. AI merchandising, personalized shopping, AI search, visual discovery, growth accelerators. Elevate conversions and AOV through personalized experiences.

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Fenix Commerce Logo

Fenix Intelligent Delivery

FenixCommerce: Elevate customer experience with real-time delivery estimates. Streamline operations, attract customers with transparent communication, and enhance loyalty. Advanced analytics for optimized performance

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Findify by Maropost

Findify: Ecommerce search and personalization solution. Advanced search, autocomplete, filtering. Personalization with recommendations, dynamic merchandising. Detailed analytics, improve search experience, drive sales.

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Firebase by Google: Streamline app development. Real-time database, authentication, cloud functions, Crashlytics, cloud storage, messaging, performance monitoring, and A/B testing. Build, optimize, and grow apps with ease.

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Firework Virtual Store

Firework: Complete video commerce solution. Create vertical videos with AI-powered Creation Studio, engage customers with Livestream Shopping, Shoppable Video, Firework Amplification, and Instant Checkout. All-in-one platform for seamless video commerce.

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Flits: Customer Account Page

Flits: Enhance Shopify store with next-gen rewards program. Boost customer engagement, loyalty, and sales. Replace points with 'credits' system. Turn customers into brand advocates and increase repeat purchases.

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Foursixty Logo

Foursixty: Shoppable Instagram & UGC

FourSixty transforms Instagram and user-generated content into shoppable galleries for websites. Automate posting, track campaigns, and leverage customer reviews, all with a flexible, no-commitment approach.

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Glood Product Recommendations Enhance commerce with data-powered personalization. Onsite recommendations, AI marketing, upsells, and dynamic experiences for increased engagement and growth. Trusted by thousands, praised for ROI and conversion improvements.

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Google ads

Google Ads

Google Ads: Google's PPC platform for businesses to gain visibility across Google's properties. Offers search, display, shopping, and YouTube ads. Share account access with Appbrew to measure campaign performance with precision.

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Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics

Tap into Google Analytics' power for comprehensive customer insights and marketing optimization. Leverage cutting-edge tech, predictive analysis, and integrated tools for enhanced ROI. Effortlessly analyze data and collaborate with intuitive reporting.

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Google Maps Logo

Google Maps

Enhance checkout with Google Maps Address Autocomplete. Predictive address suggestions and automatic validation simplify the process, ensuring accurate deliveries and reducing support issues.

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Gorgias Logo

Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat

Gorgias transforms customer service into profit centers with quick responses, automation, and centralized ticket management, enhancing the shopping experience.

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Heap Logo


Heap offers comprehensive insights into user digital journeys, capturing data effortlessly and enabling businesses to optimize experiences, increase retention, and make data-driven decisions for improved conversions.

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judge_me_logo Product Reviews

Boost e-commerce sales with's product review app. Customizable widgets, varied review collection methods, engagement tools, social proof sharing, and trusted review validation.

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Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

Kiwi Sizing: AI-powered sizing recommendations. Customizable tools, multi-size support, unit conversion, lower returns, apparel size recommender, easy chart creation, custom recommender, size chart analytics.

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Enhance shopping with Klarna's payment service. Flexible payment options, virtual and one-time cards, in-store payments, installment loans, mobile app management, personalized experiences, and easy returns.

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Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo empowers ecommerce with targeted email campaigns, automation workflows, personalization, and detailed analytics. Enhance customer relationships, drive sales, and optimize email marketing effectiveness.

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Langify logo

langify ‑ translate your store

langify: Automatic and manual translations, third-party app support, SEO optimization, and local currency options. Effortless setup, custom solutions, and easy export/import for seamless multilingual reach

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Loox, a Shopify-exclusive app, gathers visual reviews, referrals, and user-generated content. Easily collect photo/video reviews, amplify social proof, and run a referral program for enhanced customer engagement.

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LoyaltyLion Logo

LoyaltyLion Rewards & Referral

LoyaltyLion offers personalized loyalty programs that build strong customer connections. With notifications, emails, and integrations, businesses enhance engagement and ROI while preventing attrition.

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fb ads

Meta Ads

Facebook Ads: Simple campaign creation and tracking. Over 2 billion users monthly. Set up developer account, share access with Appbrew. Precise campaign measurement through event and interaction data sent to Facebook Ads

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Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity: Free user behavior analytics tool. Session replays, heatmaps, insights. Integrates with Google Analytics. Open-source and GDPR compliant.

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MoEngage empowers businesses with omnichannel engagement. Leverage AI automation, behavioral insights, and dynamic personalization across mobile, web, email, SMS, push, and more.

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Narvar Logo

Narvar Return and Exchange

Narvar Ship: Reliable delivery estimates, transparent dates, proprietary data, configurable rules, shipment tracking, notifications, returns management, secure deliveries, and ROI calculator. Boost customer confidence and satisfaction.

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Neon Logo

NEON: Inventory & sold count

NEON: Boost customer confidence with inventory transparency. Visualize supply and demand, create urgency for low-stock items. Customizable display and seamless Shopify integration

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Nosto Logo


Nosto: Enhance discovery, tailor recommendations, optimize content, and create dynamic shopping journeys. Customized product suggestions, category pages, mobile app personalization, and A/B testing for exceptional commerce experiences.

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Okendo Logo

Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

Okendo boosts ecommerce brands with authentic reviews, surveys, and insights. Integrations, content collection, and targeting enhance customer relationships and drive conversions.

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Opinew Logo

Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Opinew: Smart review platform for increased sales and trust. Collect, manage, and showcase product reviews. Boost SEO, customer trust, and loyalty.

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Return Prime Logo

Order returns by Return Prime

Return Prime streamlines returns, exchanges & refunds. Customizable portal, auto-labels, in-store returns, diverse refund options. Trusted globally.

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Popcoins Logo

POPCOINS Loyalty & Rewards

POPCOINS: Elevate loyalty and rewards. In-funnel integration boosts conversion rates. Vast network of businesses, deep analysis, customization, and extensive reward store enhance customer loyalty.

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Postscript: Revolutionizing customer engagement via SMS marketing. Facilitate personalized two-way conversations, automate campaigns, and grow subscriber lists. Targeted messaging and analytics empower businesses to drive sales and optimize strategies.

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Rebuy Logo

Rebuy Personalization Engine

Rebuy: Elevate Ecommerce with AI-Powered Personalization. Enhance shopping experiences, increase AOV, drive conversions, and boost customer LTV. Tailored personalization, automated retention, intelligent recommendations, and exclusive Shopify Plus features

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Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge: Manage subscriptions effortlessly, and customize checkouts. Automate billing, offer flexible pricing, utilize analytics, and empower upselling. Customer portal, migration support, and robust API enhance customer experience and business growth

Learn More Logo Product Reviews enhances brand trust with authentic reviews. Collect, manage, and display product reviews seamlessly. Google integration, UGC collection, and social proof ads boost loyalty and conversions.

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Route: Post‑Purchase Platform

Revolutionize shopping with Route's seamless package tracking, carbon-neutral shipping, and theft protection. Personalized recommendations enhance the experience.

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Searchanise Search & Filter

Searchanise: Elevate your ecommerce with advanced search and personalization. Enable quick product discovery through autocomplete, typo tolerance, and filters. Drive engagement with tailored recommendations, email campaigns, and customizable design.

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Searchspring Logo


Searchspring, the leading e-commerce platform, enhances shopper experiences with high-performing site search, personalization, merchandising, and insights, boosting conversions.

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Sezzle Logo


Sezzle: Buy now, pay later with interest-free installments. Access exclusive brands, build credit, and enjoy tap-to-pay convenience. Transparent fees, credit-building opportunities, and diverse payment options tailored to your credit profile.

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Simpl: One Tap Buy Now, Pay Later solution. Enjoy simplified checkout, increased purchase frequency, and larger baskets. AI-driven spending limits ensure transparency. Benefit from elevated sales, and smoother customer experiences.

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Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Smile: Loyalty app for small businesses. VIP tiers, referrals, customizable rewards panel, admin dashboard, customizable loyalty program

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Snap for Developers

Snap for Developers: Embrace AR through Lens Studio, create AR experiences with Creative Kit, integrate Bitmoji, enable quick login, engage via App Stories, and access Business Solutions for advertising, monetization, and success measurement.

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Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Stamped: Boost brand credibility with Ecommerce reviews and loyalty. Showcase ratings, enrich campaigns with user-generated content. Utilize Net Promoter Score, gather smart data insights, foster loyalty with VIP and referral programs.

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StorifyMe Logo

StorifyMe ‑ Web & App Stories

StorifyMe: Create engaging, personalized stories for websites and apps. Share via links, embeds, or QR codes. Track performance, access rich analytics, use in-app stories, build marketing landing pages, and manage assets with custom branding

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Swatch King Logo

Swatch King ‑ Variant Options

Swatch King: Shopify app for variant management. Display swatches for color, size, and price options. Product grouping for SEO-friendly variations. Collection page swatches. Variant image swatches. Redesign Shopify variants. Bulk upload with CSV & API.

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Talkable Logo


Talkable: Powering Growth Through Referral & Loyalty. Drive customer acquisition and retention with customizable referral campaigns. A/B testing, data insights, fraud prevention, and seamless integrations for effective loyalty marketing.

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TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads: Reach 1B+ engaged users with culturally relevant campaigns. Create compelling ads effortlessly, utilizing a variety of tailored solutions including advertising, creative tools, commerce options, and performance measurement.

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Trust Signal Logo

Trust Signal

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TrustSpot - UGC & Reviews

TrustSpot: Streamlined platform for automated product reviews, user-generated content, and testimonials. Customized displays, NPS integration, review requests, and insightful analytics for building trust and engaging customers.

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Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus: Empower customers to save favorites and resume shopping effortlessly. Leverage marketing tools like automated reminders, personalized campaigns, and analytics for insights into customer behavior. Enhance engagement and conversions

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Wizzy Logo

Wizzy - Product Search & Filters

Wizzy.AI: Smart search platform for enhanced user experience. AI-powered rankings, personalized recommendations, and search analytics. Zero maintenance, secure, and efficient.

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Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC

Yotpo: All-in-one eCommerce solutions. AI-powered Reviews, Loyalty, Subscriptions, UGC showcase. Engage with SMSBump, manage feedback, and drive sales through Social Ads and referrals.

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YouTube: Upload, view, share videos. High-quality playback, robust search. Subscribe to channels, live stream, engage via comments. Analyze performance, monetize, use community features. Mobile app for on-the-go viewing, subscriptions, and content uploads.

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Zapiet Logo

Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery

Zapiet: Empower your Shopify store with in-store pickup, local delivery & shipping tools. Enhance customer experience, optimize operations, attract and retain customers, gain insights, and boost loyalty through advanced features and integrations.

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Zevi: AI-powered Shopify app for tailored search and filters. Leverage AI-NLP for precise results. Customize search, track with analytics, merchandise effectively, and rank products based on performance. Streamline campaigns with redirection.

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