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Adjust is a mobile marketing tool that offers mobile app attribution, app analytics, mobile fraud prevention, CTV AdVision, Control Center, and Audience Builder to optimize mobile marketing campaigns. The tool helps to make sense of the complicated user journey, uncover game-changing insights, and access unlimited raw data.


  1. Mobile App Attribution: Match users to the ads they converted from, helping calculate ROI and spend more wisely.

  2. App Analytics: Customize reporting to your needs and deep dive into user behavior with user-level reporting.

  3. Mobile Fraud Prevention: Protect budgets by detecting and preventing ad fraud, and only pay for legitimate app engagements.

  4. CTV AdVision: Determine the exact impact of CTV campaigns and prove ROI with CTV AdVision.

  5. Control Center: Automate manual tasks to save time and simplify marketing mechanics.

  6. Audience Builder: Create dynamic user segments based on behavior and link them to retargeting partners.

  7. Access to unlimited raw data: Provides access to unlimited raw data with no added costs.

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