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Afterpay is a finance app enabling interest-free installment payments over six weeks. It allows users to manage their spending, offers rewards, and works with thousands of brands online and in-store.


  1. Increased Sales: Shoppers who use Afterpay spend 40% more and shop 50% more frequently than those who don't.

  2. Customer Acquisition: Afterpay has 19 million active global customers, with no application fees, making it easy for people to sign up.

  3. In-Store Payment: Customers can use Afterpay to pay for their in-store purchases in four installments over six weeks.

  4. Retailer Integration: Afterpay has effortless integrations with various platforms like Shopify, Wix, and Salesforce.

  5. Shop Directory: Afterpay's Shop Directory sends one million daily global referrals to merchants.

  6. Customer Loyalty: Offering Afterpay can create a more customized shopping experience, giving customers additional convenience and control, resulting in customer loyalty.

  7. Customizable Emails: Retailers can create emails that drive sales, leveraging the benefits of Afterpay.

  8. Security: Afterpay uses various security measures to protect customer's information, including encryption, tokenization, and two-factor authentication.

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