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ClickPost is a shipping software that offers pre-integrated carriers, real-time tracking, carrier performance monitoring, and a single API for creating orders across 120+ carriers. It helps improve shipping performance, increase serviceability, reduce customer calls, reduce exceptions, increase delivery percentage, and optimize returns.


  1. Pre-integrated carriers: ClickPost offers pre-integrated carriers that allow users to ship products using multiple carriers without any additional setup required.

  2. Real-time tracking: ClickPost provides real-time tracking of shipments, giving users complete visibility into their shipments' status.

  3. Carrier performance monitoring: ClickPost helps monitor carrier performance, allowing users to identify and address any issues quickly.

  4. Single API for creating orders: ClickPost's single API allows users to create orders across 120+ carriers easily and efficiently.

  5. Data-driven carrier selection: ClickPost uses data-driven carrier selection to help users improve their shipping performance.

  6. Unified Tracking: ClickPost's Unified Tracking reduces customer calls by providing customers with real-time updates on their shipments.

  7. Proactive resolution of shipment delays & SLA breaches: ClickPost helps users proactively resolve shipment delays and SLA breaches to reduce exceptions.

  8. Failed Delivery Intelligence: ClickPost provides failed delivery intelligence to reduce last-mile delivery exceptions.

  9. Plug-n-play Returns solution: ClickPost's plug-n-play returns solution allows users to accept, process, and track returns efficiently.

  10. Integrated Tracking: ClickPost's integrated tracking sends tracking updates to customers and reduces shipping-related calls by 70%.

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