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Gorgias is an ecommerce helpdesk platform designed to transform customer service into a profit center for businesses. It offers a range of features to enhance customer support, including quick response times, automation, and centralized ticket management.

Gorgias Platform

  1. Exceptional Customer Service: Gorgias helps businesses provide outstanding customer service, turning them into a profit centers.

  2. Quick Customer Response: Answer customer questions in minutes, not days, ensuring prompt and efficient support.

  3. Automation: Automate support processes to streamline ticket management and improve response times.

  4. Centralized Ticket Management: Consolidate all support tickets in one place, allowing easy access and efficient ticket handling.

  5. Customer Data Display: Have all relevant customer data displayed during conversations, enabling agents to make order edits, modify subscriptions, and process refunds without leaving the helpdesk.

  6. Personalized Shopping Experience: Engage with customers before they visit the website, providing a personalized shopping experience and increasing conversion rates.

  7. Multi-Channel Support: Track sales generated from live chat, text messages, and social media interactions, ensuring sales opportunities are not missed.

  8. Decreased Resolution Time: Gorgias helps businesses decrease resolution time by 68%, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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