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Okendo is a customer marketing platform that helps ecommerce brands build strong customer relationships and drive conversions.

Okendo Platform

  1. Okendo Reviews: Build trust and drive conversions with authentic customer-generated content. Showcase high-impact reviews and visual user-generated content at key moments in the buying journey.

  2. Okendo Surveys: Gain actionable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and experiences. Engage customers with contextually relevant micro-surveys and receive continual streams of insights.

  3. Integrations: Connect Okendo to over 50 commerce technologies, allowing brands to unlock new use cases and deliver seamless experiences. Make customer data available across the technology stack.

  4. Effortless Content Collection: Easily collect customer-generated content, including reviews and visual content, to enhance the brand's credibility and social proof.

  5. Acquire More Shoppers: Leverage the power of customer reviews and authentic content to attract more qualified shoppers to the brand's website or online store.

  6. Manage Feedback at Scale: Effectively handle and manage customer feedback, reviews, and user-generated content, even as the brand scales and receives a high volume of customer interactions.

  7. Continuous Customer Insights: Automatically engage customers across various channels with micro-surveys, maximizing response rates and providing ongoing insights into customer preferences and experiences.

  8. Precise Audience Targeting: Target specific customer segments with relevant surveys and content, ensuring that the insights collected are highly valuable and actionable.

  9. Automated Analysis: Utilize automated analysis tools to process and interpret the data collected from customer surveys and feedback, enabling brands to derive meaningful insights efficiently.

  10. Customer Success Partnership: Okendo offers long-term partnerships to help brands strategize, launch, accelerate, and grow their customer marketing initiatives. They work closely with brands to align programs with strategic goals and enhance overall success.

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