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Payment Services

Simpl: One Tap Buy Now, Pay Later solution. Enjoy simplified checkout, increased purchase frequency, and larger baskets. AI-driven spending limits ensure transparency. Benefit from elevated sales, and smoother customer experiences.

Simpl is a One Tap Buy Now, Pay Later service. Simpl also offers a simplified checkout process to merchants, reducing transaction failure rates and increasing basket size and frequency of purchases. The app uses its own machine-learning models to determine customers' spending limits and provides transparency in billing and refunds.


  1. Simpl Pay Later: Buy now and pay later with just one tap.

  2. Simpl Khata: A line of credit that lets you make purchases without worrying about immediate payment.

  3. Simpl Checkout: A simplified checkout process that reduces transaction failure rates and increases repeat purchases and AOV.

  4. Simpl Bill Payments: A feature that allows users to manage their utility bills and recharge their accounts with just one tap.

  5. Simpl Credit Identity: Simpl uses its machine learning models to understand customers, providing control over their credit identity.

  6. Simpl App for Merchants: Simpl offers merchants a simplified checkout process, reducing transaction failure rates and increasing purchase frequency and basket size.

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