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Stamped: Boost brand credibility with Ecommerce reviews and loyalty. Showcase ratings, enrich campaigns with user-generated content. Utilize Net Promoter Score, gather smart data insights, foster loyalty with VIP and referral programs.

Stamped is an Ecommerce review and loyalty platform that helps build brand credibility by giving customers a voice and offering rewards for engagement. They provide smart integrations for showcasing reviews and user-generated content, and offer data protection and integrated artificial intelligence.


  1. Reviews: Collect and showcase high-quality product reviews and ratings to give your customers a voice and build credibility for your brand.

  2. Visual User-Generated Content: Enrich your marketing campaigns with customer photos and videos to enhance the shopping experience.

  3. Net Promoter Score: Use customer feedback to further build credibility for your site and brand.

  4. Smart Data: Uncover actionable insights with data measurement and analysis to track progress and improve results.

  5. VIP Program: Strengthen relationships with your most active customers with a tiered points program to drive customer loyalty.

  6. Referral Program: Allow your customers to refer friends and family to your brand with a referral program.

  7. Integration: Stamped integrates with major eCommerce platforms, email/SMS marketing solutions, productivity apps, and more to seamlessly run your business.

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