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Stamped is an Ecommerce review and loyalty platform that helps build brand credibility by giving customers a voice and offering rewards for engagement. They provide smart integrations for showcasing reviews and user-generated content, and offer data protection and integrated artificial intelligence.


  1. Reviews: Collect and showcase high-quality product reviews and ratings to give your customers a voice and build credibility for your brand.

  2. Visual User-Generated Content: Enrich your marketing campaigns with customer photos and videos to enhance the shopping experience.

  3. Net Promoter Score: Use customer feedback to further build credibility for your site and brand.

  4. Smart Data: Uncover actionable insights with data measurement and analysis to track progress and improve results.

  5. VIP Program: Strengthen relationships with your most active customers with a tiered points program to drive customer loyalty.

  6. Referral Program: Allow your customers to refer friends and family to your brand with a referral program.

  7. Integration: Stamped integrates with major eCommerce platforms, email/SMS marketing solutions, productivity apps, and more to seamlessly run your business.

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