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Zevi is an AI-powered Shopify app that provides search and filter features. It enables search customization, analytics, and merchandising with ranking controls for promoting products. It also offers redirection for campaigns and support and allows product ranking based on performance.


  1. AI-NLP enabled Discovery: Uses Artificial Intelligence-Natural Language Processing to understand customer's search intent and provide relevant results

  2. Search customization: Provides customizable search features to help users discover products in their natural way

  3. Analytics: Offers search analytics to track customer behavior and sales data

  4. Merchandising: Provides options for product display to promote and improve product discovery

  5. Ranking controls: Allows companies to hard-pin products in a specific position for promotion

  6. Product performance-based ranking: Enables ranking of products based on revenue, click rate, trends, and more to increase conversion rates

  7. Redirection for campaigns and support: Simplifies the redirection process for brands based on their business requirements

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