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Apple Pay: Digital wallet & mobile payment by Apple. Store card info for fast payments. Reach 1B+ active iPhones, offer seamless checkout, boost conversions, increase purchase frequency. No extra fees, easy integration, privacy, and security.

Apple Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment service developed by Apple. It lets shoppers store their credit card details in the app, making the payment process faster. Customers can use Apple Pay on the web via Safari browser, and for in-person contactless payments via their Apple devices including smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets.


1. Reaching more customers

As of January 2021, there are 1 billion active iPhones and 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use worldwide. Accepting Apple Pay means you’ll give more iOS users the choice to pay via their preferred digital wallet app.

2. Giving customers a seamless checkout experience and reducing cart abandonment

With Apple Pay, shoppers only need to enter their card information once. Then it’s stored within the app for future purchases.

By giving more users the ability to check out via their Apple Pay digital wallet app you’ll provide a more seamless checkout experience where shoppers are less likely to abandon their carts.

3. Increasing conversion rates

The faster and easier the payment process is the more likely you are to convert shoppers into paying customers.

4. Generating higher purchase frequency

The ease of paying with Apple Pay results in higher customer satisfaction rates, and happy shoppers are more likely to come back for repeat purchases.

5. Avoiding extra fees

Technically, Apple Pay is not a payment method. It’s a digital wallet app that customers use to store their credit card information.

Apple Pay supports credit and debit cards, and for MONEI merchants, there are no extra fees to accept Apple Pay payments. You’ll only pay the regular credit card transaction fees.

6. Integrating quickly and easily with your e-commerce store

After activating Apple Pay, you can set up your e-commerce integration via the Hosted Payment Page, or the Payment Request Component. Our technology detects whether the customer is using a Safari browser or an Apple device. Then the Apple Pay button automatically appears on the payment page.

7. Improving privacy and security

Every transaction made through Apple Pay requires authentication with Face ID, Touch ID, or the user’s passcode, making it one of the most secure methods of payment.

8. Standing out from your competition

Staying competitive is a crucial factor in building a successful e-commerce business. It influences your growth strategy and how you position your brand. Accepting Apple Pay is one way to stay competitive. By adding Apple Pay, you’ll compete with merchants who offer it and you’ll be ahead of competitors that don’t already accept this form of payment.

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