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Kiwi Sizing


Kiwi Sizing

Kiwi Sizing is a machine learning-based app that provides accurate sizing recommendations for customers, resulting in decreased returns and happier customers. The app offers fully customizable sizing tools, multiple sizes in one tool, built-in unit conversion, and a custom size recommender.


  1. Personalized Size Recommendations: Accurate sizing recommendations for customers based on machine learning technology, which reduces returns and increases customer satisfaction.

  2. Fully Customizable Sizing Tools: Tools that can be customized according to specific product sizes, layouts, and information needed by customers.

  3. Multiple Sizes in One Tool: Kiwi is designed to manage hundreds of different product sizes with consistent sizing tools for all products.

  4. Built-in Unit Conversion: Built-in conversion tools cater to a global audience, which eliminates the need for manual conversions.

  5. Lower Returns: Ensures customers find the right size for their purchase, which reduces returns and enhances customer experience.

  6. Apparel Size Recommender: Recommends accurate sizing information for customers with little information about their size.

  7. Easy Size Chart Creation: A three-step process that takes less than five minutes to create a size chart with Kiwi from scratch.

  8. Custom Size Recommender: Recommender tool for any product category, whether footwear or snowboards.

  9. Size Chart Analytics: Analytics that help merchants understand how customers are interacting with their size charts.

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