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Swatch King

Swatch King is a Shopify app that allows businesses to manage product variants as swatches, including color, size, and price options. It also provides a product grouping feature that links variations without using Shopify variants, making them SEO-friendly and easy to sync with Facebook/Google Shopping Feed & Amazon Sales Channel.


  1. Product Swatches: Allows users to display product variations like Amazon to boost SEO and show variants on the collection page.

  2. Swatches on Collection Page: This enables users to show color swatches or add size buttons on the collection page.

  3. Variant Image Swatch: Connects products and variants as swatches to allow users to select variations easily.

  4. Product Groups: Link product variations without using Shopify variants to make variations SEO friendly, easy to sync with Facebook/Google Shopping Feed & Amazon Sales Channel, add 100+ variations, show Variants on Collection page separately, etc.

  5. Redesign Shopify Variants: Color Swatch Slider, Variants with price, Dropdown, Hide Out of Stock Variants, Confirm Size Selection, etc.

  6. Smooth transition from Swatchify with discounts & support.

  7. Low impact to your online store: It has been speed tested to ensure it does not have a significant impact on the performance of the online store.

  8. Works with the latest themes: Swatch King is compatible with all Shopify and custom themes.

  9. Bulk upload of Swatches & Groups with CSV & API: Users can upload swatches and groups in bulk using a CSV file or API.

  10. Priority Chat Support: Provides priority chat support to users on the starter, established, and high-volume plans.

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