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Does your ecommerce brand need a mobile app?

Does your ecommerce brand need a mobile app?

Jun 10, 2022

Mobile devices have irrevocably altered customer engagement & the overall marketing landscape. According to a recent study, mobile devices account for roughly half of all web traffic worldwide. 

With year-over-year increases in mobile commerce sales, there is no doubt that smartphones are one of the most effective ways for eCommerce shop owners to reach customers. 

Nearly half of all small businesses have a mobile presence, and 25% of those who don't, plan to develop an app to compete with those who do. The reason for this seismic shift is the enormous benefits that mobile apps provide to both consumers and businesses. 

Mobile commerce fact sheet

Nearly all Americans — 97 percent – now have some form of a cellphone. 

Furthermore, According to Pew Research Center's latest survey on smartphone ownership, the percentage of Americans who own a smartphone has increased to 85%, up from 35% 

Reasons you need a mobile app for your eCommerce business

There are multiple advantages to having a mobile app for your eCommerce business.

Fuels convenience for the shoppers

Shein is one of the world's fastest-growing companies. They have expanded by more than 100% YoY for the past ten years. Aren't you curious about what powered their meteoric rise? 

It is the Shein app that accounts for 72 percent of all customers.

Access to native phone features 

Mobile apps capitalize on a smartphone's unique capabilities. Many brands enhance user experience using cross-platform connectivity and stored information.

For example, Android smartphones allow users to have a 1-Click checkout process via social login, which shares the customer's address and connects to GPay.

Another benefit is the availability of native apps for offline use. Mobile apps are available even without an internet connection, allowing consumers to purchase on the move.

Enhanced marketing communication

Customers increasingly prefer to shop online using their mobile devices. Apart from keeping customers engaged in the business, mobile apps can communicate personalized deals, discounts, and coupons.

To connect with the millennial consumers

Millennials and Generation Z today expect faster access to the products and services they desire. When you have a mobile app, you can meet their expectations, by reducing load time and improving navigation. 

Furthermore, mobile apps are at the forefront of emerging technology, such as voice search, location-based searches, and GPS integration. 

Fosters brand image

The integration of cutting-edge features & functionality, trending technologies, personalized user experience, and elegant UI/UX designs foster your brand image.

An outdated website design can reduce customer trust and create negative assumptions about a brand. Similarly, cutting-edge mobile apps foster the brand image of a cutting-edge, high-quality, modern brand. 

Push notifications

Push notifications are exciting options for connecting with app users in a less obtrusive way. 

One of the main advantages of mobile apps is their ability to offer users immediate, non-intrusive notifications about abandoned carts and back-in-stock items. Push notifications can generate between 40-90% CTRs! 

Push notifications for abandoned carts convert 300 percent better than emails and SMS. Compared to email, push notifications have a 90 percent deliverability rate and a stunning 7x higher click rate.

Social integrations

With over 2.5 billion active social media users, social sharing is incredibly effective for increasing brand exposure. Installing social media has also been shown to improve app performance and functionality. 

While social sharing is also available on mobile web, it results in a significantly higher bounce rate. Instead, mobile apps can open social media within the app, which reduces bounce rates and improves UX. 

Apps also allow users to sign up using their current social network accounts. This feature streamlines the login process by removing time-consuming forms. 


We hope you now realize how critical mobile apps are in today's business world. And this is something that you can’t ignore. Your eCommerce business needs a mobile app that is responsive, user-friendly, rich in features, design customizable, and appealing. 

 We at Appbrew give brands the tools they need to build amazing mobile shopping experiences. Through our no-code platform, brands can create, manage, and scale their Shopify store. Contact us right away to get started on creating a beautiful, fast app for your Shopify store.

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