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Four Ways to Boost Your Shopify Mobile App’s Product Page Conversion rate

Jan 5, 2023

It is indisputable that Native Mobile Apps are a higher conversion channel than Mobile Web. Mobile apps have:

  1. A 7x faster opening rate than Mobile Web (m-web),

  2. A 120% higher conversion rate

  3. & provide access to free, unlimited mobile notifications!

Notifications which have a higher opening rate than SMS & Email combined!

We have written extensively about Native Apps vs M-Web. Which you can read about here.
Yet, many brands do not focus on improving their Product Page (PDP) conversion rate. So, how can you improve your it? Here’s how 👇

Video Commerce

Video Commerce refers to the use of video to promote and sell products. 
Video commerce is one of the fastest growing marketing trends. According to Forrester Research, a one-minute video is as persuasive as 1.8 million words.
Also, 73% of consumers who view a product-related video will go ahead with the purchase. 
n/ Videos can help answer questions and build trust by demonstrating the product. For example, customer testimonials can establish social proof and ease doubts.
The rise of the creator economy & YouTube and TikTok have only fueled this blazing fire. Video commerce is often used in conjunction with influencer marketing.
Video can demonstrate products quickly and effectively making it ideal for social media. Influencers also significantly increase the video's reach, virality and shareability. 
Many brands already use videos for search and discovery in the pre-purchase stage. But few brands incorporate it into the sales process, such as their PDPs!

Personalized discounts and offers

The second method for increasing conversions is to offer personalized discounts and offers. 
Mobile apps offer complete control and allow brands to collect customer usage data. Brands should use this data to improve their offerings and reward loyal customers.
These offers can be a simple discount, unique bundle options or a free product with a purchase. These offers increase retention & encourage repeat purchases. They also show customers the brands care for their customers.
Some brands dislike this method because of the lower profit margins. However, they do not account for the increased revenue and LTV of the retained customer.
For example, many brands offer abandoned cart discounts to complete a sale. We suggest being proactive and offering customers the same discount in advance. This method will reduce profits in the short term, but provide higher returns in the long run. 

Cross Sell & Upsell using Social Proof

The third method to increase your conversions is to cross sell and upsell using social proof. 

Cross selling refers to selling customers related items when they are making a purchase. Whereas upselling is encouraging customers to buy higher end products. 

Cross selling and upselling offers complimentary products that customers may not have considered.  Both of these are incredibly useful for conversion. They have no additional costs and can increase the customer’s AOV and LTV. 

Both of them can be buoyed by social proof.
Social proof is the phenomenon where people follow the actions of others to guide their own decisions. 
Social proof can be displayed in many formats such as; 

  1. Reviews

  2. Ratings

  3. Testimonials

  4. User Generated Content (UGC)

Social proof makes products more trustworthy and credible. This trust can be leveraged to cross sell & upsell. 

Brands should integrate social proof directly into their PDP through interactive elements. Interactive mediums help customers prove the product’s value and convert potential customers. 

Optimize Payment

The final method for increasing your PDP page conversions is optimizing payment. 

Native mobile apps have a clear advantage over m-web. Most users have their payment information saved on third-party services such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

So, apps can provide unique services such as one-click checkout. These services reduce friction and simplify purchases.

Integrations such as Paypal, Shop Pay, and cryptocurrency should also be available. These options allow customers to pay in their preferred method, increasing conversion at no additional cost.

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