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The Secret To Deliver Delightful Shopping Experiences

Jan 5, 2023

Delightful shopping experiences emerges from excellent user experience. And excellent user experience comes from excellent communication.

Communication must be clear, simple but authentic. It must display personality without becoming muddled. Customers must feel that the brand is able to express itself and its vision.

In order to bring their vision to life, Appbrew uses Atomic Design.

Atomic design is a mental model created by Brad Frost ( The model uses the analogy of atoms, molecules, and organisms to develop design systems.

Atomic design has been critical for Appbrew’s development. It has served as the platform's guiding design philosophy.

So how has Atomic Design helped us? Here's how;

Systemic Design

Atomic design's first advantage is its systemic design philosophy.

Atomic design deconstructs products into increasingly smaller segments. This process continues until the product is broken down to the level of atoms, i.e. the foundational features.

This provides an in-depth and systematic understanding of the final product.

For example, a fashion brand may require a carousel. As shown below, carousels use animation, images, and text to display products. But these components can also create a dynamic product collection page.

My image alt text

This flexibility highlights one of Atomic design's main advantages - Modularity.


Atomic design builds upon its previous stages. So atoms combine to form molecules. Molecules form organisms, which form templates and finally, pages. These sub-components have different permutations which create new designs and tools.

The modular design promotes harmonious integration. Each component is designed to seamlessly integrate to form more complex processes. This enables a flexible design that encourages experimentation.


After developing the atoms, building and editing the product is incredibly fast. This is due to their reusability. Apps can reuse pre-built atoms, molecules, and even organisms. Hence, features can be reused across multiple apps. This uniquely enables collective, incremental improvement.

This also improves scalability. New apps are built using information from previous ones. As a result, Appbrew can create an app in 2 to 3 days.

Freedom and control

Appbrew prioritises giving freedom and control to its users. Its no-code platform with a drag-and-drop interface that empowers brands to create & iterate upon their apps in a self serve way.

Appbrew also supports an unlimited number of custom pages & complete layout customization. This enables apps to serve as authentic brand extensions.

All of these features emphasize a creative and organic approach to app development. It discourages frameworks and unnecessary restrictions.

However, this doesn’t mean there are no restrictions.

Appbrew has built-in constraints on what you can and cannot change. These constraints are there to ensure high conversion rates and great user experience.

Thanks for reading till the end. Are you excited and interested in Atomic Design & React Native?

Want to take ownership in revolutionising the mobile shopping experience for billions of users globally?

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