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AppsFlyer is a platform that provides measurement, analytics, engagement, and fraud protection technologies to help businesses gain insights into their marketing activities and make good choices based on accurate data. Their solutions include privacy-enhancing measurement, deep linking, cost aggregation, audience segmentation, and fraud protection.


  1. Measurement suite: Provides accurate and comprehensive data on app installs and user engagement across channels and devices.

  2. Cost aggregation: This lets you easily track and optimize your advertising spend across multiple platforms.

  3. Marketing analytics: Gives you a unified view of your campaign performance, including advanced metrics like ROI and LTV.

  4. Incrementality: This helps you measure the true impact of your marketing efforts by testing the effectiveness of different channels and campaigns.

  5. CX & deep linking: This enables you to create personalized customer journeys that increase conversions and return on experience.

  6. Audience segmentation: This allows you to target specific user groups based on their behavior and interests.

  7. Fraud protection: Provides comprehensive protection against mobile ad fraud, including click spam and install hijacking.

  8. Raw data & APIs: Gives you access to raw data and APIs for custom analysis and integration with other platforms.

  9. AppsFlyer for iOS: Helps you regain visibility into your iOS app campaigns with a privacy-compliant SKAdNetwork solution.

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