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Firework: Complete video commerce solution. Create vertical videos with AI-powered Creation Studio, engage customers with Livestream Shopping, Shoppable Video, Firework Amplification, and Instant Checkout. All-in-one platform for seamless video commerce.

Firework is an end-to-end video commerce solution that offers a comprehensive range of tools to help businesses create and promote vertical videos for their website, app, and stores. The platform includes a Creation Studio with self-serve tools and a managed service option, as well as Livestream Shopping, Shoppable Video, Firework Amplification, and Instant Checkout features to help businesses engage and convert customers.


  1. Creation Studio: A self-serve tool for creating vertical videos, or businesses can opt for a fully managed creative service. Firework's Creation Studio uses artificial intelligence to help create vertical videos.

  2. Livestream Shopping: A feature that connects and converts customers during live shopping events.

  3. Shoppable Video: Videos that have built-in shopping functionality that engage and convert customers.

  4. Firework Amplification: Amplify your message and drive traffic through various promotion methods.

  5. Instant Checkout: Seamlessly checkout within a video.

  6. Comprehensive solution: Firework offers a complete end-to-end solution for creating, promoting, and monetizing video content.

  7. Simulcast: Livestream shopping events can be simulcast across social media accounts.

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