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FourSixty is a comprehensive integration that transforms your Instagram, User-Generated Content (UGC), and ambassador content into shoppable galleries. The platform offers the ability to auto-publish and schedule posts directly to Instagram, secure rights to UGC, and track influencers and campaigns. It also provides insightful analytics with Instagram Business and Stories Insights.

Foursixty Platform

  1. On-Site Shoppable Insta & UGC Galleries: Turns Instagram posts and user-generated content into shoppable galleries on your site.

  2. Ambassador Shops: Allows you to leverage the content of brand ambassadors, making it shoppable to drive sales.

  3. Email Campaign Galleries: Enhances email marketing campaigns with shoppable galleries, driving conversions directly from emails.

  4. Instagram Auto Publish & Schedule: Automates Instagram posting, allowing you to schedule posts in advance for consistent engagement.

  5. Track Creators & Campaigns: Provides tracking capabilities to monitor the performance of influencers, content creators, and marketing campaigns.

  6. Instagram Business & Stories Insights: Offers in-depth analytics for Instagram Business and Stories to help understand audience engagement and content performance.

  7. Customer Reviews by Okendo: Supports customer reviews, facilitating trust and social proof for your products.

  8. UGC Rights Management: Helps secure rights to user-generated content, ensuring legal compliance.

  9. No-Contract, No-Commitment Policy: Offers a flexible use model with no long-term contracts or commitments, making it risk-free to try and easy to scale.

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