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Boost e-commerce sales with's product review app. Customizable widgets, varied review collection methods, engagement tools, social proof sharing, and trusted review validation. is a product review app that generates customer reviews to help e-commerce stores boost sales. It offers customizable widgets, collects reviews via web, email, push, and SMS, engages reviewers with replies and rewards, and shares social proof on social media.


  1. Customizable Widgets: User-friendly widgets to display reviews and Q&A with customizable designs to match the store theme.

  2. Autopilot Review Collection: Collects more reviews via web, email, push, and SMS with customizable and unlimited review requests.

  3. Reviewer Engagement: Allows replies to reviews, rewards reviewers with coupons, and creates follow-up flows with app integrations like Klavyio.

  4. Social Proof Sharing: Increases conversions by sharing reviews on social media and boosting SEO with rich snippets and Google Shopping.

  5. Trusted Review Validation: Promotes products and boosts brand with reviews platform, requires 10 published verified reviews on Shopify store to get a page.

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