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Snap for Developers is Snapchat's platform that enables developers to integrate their mobile apps with Snapchat's tools and solutions.

It offers a range of developer resources, including documentation, support, and community forums, as well as analytics and monetization solutions to help measure success and monetize apps.


  1. Snap AR: A suite of products and programs designed to bring augmented reality experiences to life through Lens Studio, Snapchat's AR editor

  2. Creative Kit: A set of tools that enables developers to create AR experiences, filters, and stickers, which can be shared by users on Snapchat and other platforms

  3. Bitmoji for Developers: A tool that enables developers to integrate Bitmoji avatars and stickers into their apps for user expression

  4. Login Kit: A solution that allows users to sign up and log in to apps and websites with their Snapchat account, providing a quick and easy authentication process

  5. App Stories: A feature that enables users to share and contribute to public Stories within third-party apps, offering an additional way to engage with content

  6. Business Solutions: A suite of solutions that offers advertising, monetization, and measurement tools to help businesses grow and succeed on Snapchat

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