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Fast Simon

Fast Simon is an AI-driven shopping optimization platform that enhances ecommerce experiences. Fast Simon leverages AI to deliver personalized shopping experiences and merchandising strategies to increase a merchant's conversions and average order value (AOV).

Fast Simon Platform

Key features include:

  1. AI Merchandising: Optimizes collections, sorting, product ranking, display, and images to inspire shoppers to make a purchase. This feature also automates the presentation of products, tailoring it to an individual shopper's preferences.

  2. Personalized Customer Shopping Experiences: Provides instant personalized results for customers, in collections, searches, and recommendations. This real-time personalization is based on individual session and past behavior data.

  3. AI Search & Personalization: Delivers fast and efficient site search and filter functionalities, helping shoppers find what they want to buy, whether they choose to search or browse through collections.

  4. Visual Discovery: This feature uses visual AI technologies such as Hyper Tagging, Visual Similarity, and Visual Search to provide an innovative and immersive shopping experience. It allows shoppers to explore similar or complementary items based on the products they view.

  5. Growth Accelerators: Helps grow ecommerce marketing and SMS strategies by integrating AI product recommendations into high intent event flows and SMS marketing for higher click-through rates (CTR).

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