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SearchTap is a subscription-based, hosted search solution for websites, mobile applications, and enterprise software that offers a fast and customizable search experience. It includes features like search as you type, location-based results, and intelligent insights.


  1. Fast and relevant search: Offers a fast and customizable search experience with search-as-you-type and location-based results.

  2. Faceted search: Provides an easy-to-use search with smart dynamic filters and multiple language support.

  3. Adaptive machine learning algorithm: Utilizes an adaptive machine learning algorithm to improve search results and accuracy.

  4. Fully customizable: Provides customization options to build an amazing search experience for users.

  5. Seamless real-time indexing: Indexes search results in real-time for seamless integration with websites and mobile apps.

  6. Multiple platform integrations: Supports multiple platform integrations, making it easy to integrate with various platforms.

  7. Actionable analytics: Provides actionable analytics with simple and intuitive dashboards to understand user behavior and search trends.

  8. Top searches and zero result queries: Provides insights into top searches and zero result queries to improve the search experience.

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