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Sezzle is a payment platform that allows users to buy now and pay later at thousands of stores. With the Sezzle app, customers gain access to exclusive brands, credit-building opportunities, and convenient tap-to-pay features.

Sezzle Platform

  1. Buy Now, Pay Later: Users can make purchases at thousands of stores and pay for them in installments, allowing them to enjoy their items immediately without the need for full upfront payment.

  2. Sezzle App: The Sezzle app provides an enhanced shopping experience, offering access to exclusive brands, credit-building opportunities, tap-to-pay functionality, and more.

  3. Credit Building: By enrolling in Sezzle Up, users can work on improving their credit scores. On-time payments made through Sezzle have shown an average credit score increase of 20 points within the first 4 months.

  4. Interest-Free Payments: Sezzle offers the option to split purchases into four interest-free payments over a six-week period, providing flexibility and affordability for customers.

  5. Wide Range of Categories: Users can shop across various categories, including women's and men's fashion, electronics, home goods, beauty products, sports, and baby/kids items, among others.

  6. App Downloads and Accessibility: Sezzle is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, catering to users on different mobile platforms. The company also prioritizes accessibility, partnering with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to ensure an inclusive experience for customers with physical disabilities.

  7. Responsible Payment Options: Sezzle promotes responsible spending by offering 0% APR payment options and ensuring transparency regarding terms and conditions. They also report payment activities to credit bureaus, enabling users to build a positive credit history.

  8. Convenient Payment Schedule: Sezzle allows users to set up automatic payments, making it easy to manage and stay on top of installment payments without the hassle of manual reminders.

  9. No Hidden Fees: Sezzle is transparent about its fees and charges. Users can enjoy the convenience of paying in installments without any hidden costs, as long as payments are made on time.

  10. Credit Approval Options: In addition to the Pay in 4 payment option, Sezzle provides other payment options subject to credit approval by third-party lenders. This allows users with different credit profiles to access flexible payment plans.

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