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Smile: Loyalty app for small businesses. VIP tiers, referrals, customizable rewards panel, admin dashboard, customizable loyalty program

Smile is a loyalty app that offers small businesses an easy way to create and manage a rewards program for their customers. It offers features such as points, VIP tiers, referrals, a customizable rewards panel, and an admin dashboard for program management.


  1. VIP Tiers: Keep your best customers engaged with perks and rewards exclusive to VIP tiers.

  2. Referrals: Encourage customers to refer their friends and easily earn rewards.

  3. Rewards panel: Customize the look and feel of your rewards program, creating a rewards panel that is on-brand and easy for your customers to use.

  4. Admin dashboard: Build and manage your rewards program with zero coding skills required, making changes anytime, putting you in control of your rewards program.

  5. Customizable loyalty program: Create a loyalty program shoppers love.

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