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Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery

Zapiet: Empower your Shopify store with in-store pickup, local delivery & shipping tools. Enhance customer experience, optimize operations, attract and retain customers, gain insights, and boost loyalty through advanced features and integrations.

Zapiet is a leading provider of in-store pickup, local delivery, and shipping tools designed explicitly for Shopify merchants. With a presence in over 150 countries, Zapiet's applications are trusted by over 10,000 merchants, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance the e-commerce experience.

zapiet platform

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Zapiet offers real-time management of pickup and delivery orders and flexible delivery options based on distance and zip code, enhancing the customer's shopping experience and reducing uncertainty.

  2. Optimized Operations: Through Zapiet's advanced store pickup, delivery, and shipping tools, merchants can streamline their operations, ensuring timely and accurate order fulfillment, and improving the efficiency of inventory management across multiple locations.

  3. Customer Acquisition: Zapiet's transparent and customizable delivery options can attract and retain more customers, who value the ability to choose and understand their delivery or pickup options in online shopping.

  4. Advanced Analytics: With Zapiet's live multi-location inventory and fraud prevention features, merchants can gain insights into their product availability and security, helping them identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations.

  5. Customer Loyalty: By offering an unbeatable feature set that includes product availability control and outstanding tools for organizing orders, Zapiet helps build trust and loyalty among customers, encouraging repeat purchases and long-term engagement.

  6. Customizable Integration: Zapiet allows merchants to integrate with Shopify POS and offers a Last Mile Delivery API for developers, enabling customizable and seamless integration that drives customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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